Cat Food: 5 Tips for Reducing How Much Your Cat Eats

At veterinary clinics, clients often arrive with questions and concerns about what to do if their cat is eating too much. For your cat to get enough exercise, stay in shape, and stay healthy, there are a few tips that prove highly effective. In particular, we’re thinking about the essential accessories to help them stay active, combined with a diet suited to their age and body shape. Here are our tips in detail:

Tips for reducing your cat’s appetite

Accessories for exercising and snacking

  • Kibble balls

To help your cat maintain their ideal weight without depriving them of food, and while letting them have some fun, a kibble-dispensing ball is the perfect accessory. A kibble ball lets them get some exercise while allowing them to eat small portions that facilitate digestion. A kibble ball is also a fun game that stimulates your cat’s cognitive abilities.

  • Suitable bowls

Due to their specific shapes, certain bowls can slow down the rate at which your cat ingests their food by encouraging them to crush their kibble. As with humans, a cat’s feeling of fullness will occur quickly without them having necessarily finished the amount of food present in the bowl. The amount of food ingested by your cat in a day will therefore be reduced.

  • Cat food-dispensing game boards

Based on the same principle as the previous accessories, kibble-dispensing game boards help regulate your cat’s appetite while letting them enjoy a fun activity where they’ll also blow off some steam. Boards aren’t mobile like balls, however, and can therefore be just as suitable for a kitten as for an older cat who has a harder time staying physically active, but who still needs to be amused.

The proper diet

  • The right kibble

Depending on their age and weight, but also on whether your cat is sterilized or not, you should know that there are special formulations. In particular, sterilized cats require food with a specific composition. To choose the right cat food, it’s therefore best to ask your veterinarian for advice. You can also buy your cat food from your veterinarian, who has premium-quality kibble. Indeed, be careful not to choose low-end kibble, which is too high in energy and too appetizing – that is, it encourages the cat to eat too much. The kibble sold at the veterinary clinic is tailored to the nutritional needs of cats and helps them eat less, which promotes their health and helps you avoid potential expenses related to their health.

The right amount

  • In relation to their energy needs

A cat’s energy needs can sometimes be hard to estimate. It’s therefore best to ask your veterinarian for advice, because the rations are determined based on several factors: the current or desired weight of your cat, their lifestyle, their sex, and their breed. It’s essential to determine the necessary ration and stick to it. For sterilized cats, it’s estimated that their needs decrease by 20 to 30% after the operation. This is mostly due to the fact that their physical activity decreases, but also because the cat experiences hormonal disruptions. If possible, don’t hesitate to feed your cat little by little over the course of the day to reduce their appetite.