Do-It-Yourself Cat Toys: 2 Easy-to-Make Ideas

Are you sick and tired of buying toys for your cat? While everyone loves buying a toy for their cat from time to time, as we know, our furry friends get bored of them very quickly, and some don’t even pay attention to them sometimes. It’s frustrating to see new toys abandoned so quickly! To solve this problem, here are two practical ideas for making cat toys yourself cheaply and quickly.

The do-it-yourself cat stick

The cat stick is a cat toy that’s ideal and easy to make yourself. The cat stick not only lets you stimulate your cat using their natural hunting instinct, but it also lets you get your cat moving if they’re a little too sedentary. The principle involves moving the toy as prey would move in nature, with jumps, jerks, or immobilizations. Because this toy requires you to play with your cat, it finally helps strengthen the emotional ties that bind you. Your cat will love playing with you and this fake prey! To make a cat stick yourself, you need:

  • A wooden rod or a tree branch cut into a rod.
  • Two metres of elastic thread to make dynamic movements when the cat catches the flying object and lets it go. The two metres let you vary the games and make it jump and leap or let the thread drag behind you through the house.
  • Feathers or a small toy that your cat likes to attach to the end of the elastic thread.
  • Materials such as adhesive tape and a pair of scissors.

Making the toy: Begin by tying the elastic to the end of the rod, then attach the feathers or toy to the end of the elastic with adhesive tape.

The do-it-yourself cat game board

The cat game board is another cat toy that’s fast and easy to make yourself. It lets you stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct and arouse their curiosity and gluttony. To do this, you should hide their favourite treats inside the game board once it’s made! To make a personalized game board for your four-legged friend, you need:

  • A few paper towel or toilet paper rolls.
  • A piece of cardboard or a shoe box lid large enough to accommodate the rolls.
  • Some large adhesive tape and some regular adhesive tape.
  • A pair of scissors.

Making the board: Begin by cutting the toilet paper rolls into different-sized cylinders. Then, cut tabs at one end of each cylinder to make everything more stable. Tape the cylinders to the cardboard by pressing on the tabs, then strengthen the whole thing by taping it all again with the largest adhesive tape, and voilà! You now have a basic version of the game board, which you can then decorate, arrange, and improve to your liking to personalize it for your cat. By putting treats inside the different-sized cylinders, your cat will have fun discovering them, then snack on them while taking the time to savour them. This is also a great way to help a cat learn to eat their food more slowly.

To avoid spending money on toys for your cat, as you’ve surely realized, consider recovering everything that makes you think of their favourite games. Be imaginative and don’t be afraid to get your paws dirty and do it yourself!