Are you sick and tired of buying toys for your cat? While everyone loves buying a toy for their cat from time to time, as we know, our furry friends get bored of them very quickly, and some don’t even pay attention to them sometimes. It’s frustrating

At veterinary clinics, clients often arrive with questions and concerns about what to do if their cat is eating too much. For your cat to get enough exercise, stay in shape, and stay healthy, there are a few tips that prove highly effective. In particular, we’re thinking

Older cats have specific nutritional needs. In particular, senior cat food must promote their proper digestion, which is more complex. By helping your cat’s digestion, you’ll help them age well and increase their life expectancy and the quality of their daily life during their later years. You

According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, between 50 and 60% of Canadian pets are considered overweight or obese. Primarily affecting our pet dogs, this phenomenon can create many important health problems, and can lead concerned dog owners to put their overweight dogs on a diet.