Visiting the Vet: Preparing for your visit

We want to make sure that your pet's visit to Hôpital Vétérinaire Roussillon unfolds as pleasantly as expected. Follow these tips to help make your pet's visit as stress-free as possible.

Thanks to our dedicated team, let’s prepare for your pet’s appointment with the veterinarian. We want your visit to the Roussillon Veterinary Hospital to be as reassuring and comfortable as possible for your pet.


A visit to the veterinarian can be stressful for your pet. However, appropriate actions can be taken quickly to make this experience a positive one. The team at Hôpital Vétérinaire Roussillon will guide you through these steps and give you a few tips. Apply them when you make your first appointment, you will quickly see the difference!

Preparing your pet: our best advice

We often recommend the first visit to the vet as an introductory visit for your pet. It is this first visit that will then make future visits more enjoyable. During this visit, we evaluate your pet’s general health, we weigh him, we pet him and we offer him treats. 


Take advantage of this visit to let our medical team know about the anxiety your pet may be experiencing. Depending on availability, the staff at the Roussillon Veterinary Hospital can offer you a new appointment slot that is more suitable for your pet. 


We also advise you to avoid the busiest hours in order to limit contact with other animals. It is generally in the evening or on weekends that there are the most pets present.


Be aware that it is possible to reduce your pet’s level of anxiety through treatment. One of the recognized treatments that we recommend is pheromones. They are simple to use and safe for your pet. Our team advises you to spray the product in its transport cage or in your vehicle. 


Certain medications can also be administered, but we recommend that you discuss this with your veterinarian first because they are specific to each type of animal.


Before arriving at our veterinary hospital for your appointment, try to avoid overfeeding your pet. However, once there, give him the treats you brought with you. This can be done in the waiting room to help your pet reduce its stress level or, once the visit is over, to congratulate him.

Be well prepared: our best advice

Now that you have read our advice about the arrival of your pet, it is time to prepare all the elements you will need for this visit. Our dedicated team will accompany you on your next visit to our premises.

The veterinary care of your animal is a real investment for its health. Therefore, it is important to clearly define the reasons why you are coming to our establishment. We will then give you the price of a visit to the veterinarian according to the care and physical examinations that will be carried out. 

Anticipate all the points to be discussed, such as vaccinations or sterilization. But many other subjects can be dealt with as well: dental health, microchip identification or even your pet’s diet.

All the members of the Roussillon Veterinary Hospital enjoy taking care of your pet. Thanks to our advice, you are now prepared for your appointment at our hospital.