Microchips for cats and dogs

Your dog escaped from your backyard? Your cat lost her collar? Enjoy years of peace of mind by having your pet implanted with a microchip !

A microchip is a small implant the size of a grain of rice that is inserted by your veterinarian under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. This procedure creates a permanent way to rapidly identify your pet, increasing the likelihood that he will be returned home should he ever get lost.

A microchip offers many advantages over other traditional methods of animal identification. A microchip cannot be lost like a worn-out or ill-fitting collar, leaving an unfortunate pet to be discovered far from home without tags to identify his owner. A tattoo is certainly more permanent, but it can become stretched out or paler with time, making it difficult to read and rendering it useless as an identifying mark. A microchip, however, is implanted under the skin and can never be lost. Since it is electronic, it can easily be recognized with a microchip reader by animal rescue services, the SPCA, and veterinary clinics. The microchip number will be clearly marked on the reader, and those numbers are collected in a database accessible across North America. Regardless of where your animal is found, she will have the best chance to be returned home safely. The only thing to keep in mind is to update your contact information with the microchip company should you ever move to a different address or change phone numbers.

Certains municipalities in the area, like Candiac, Saint-Constant, and Delson, now require licenses for all pets living within city limits. These licenses may be available at a reduced price, or may even be free of charge, if your pet is microchipped.