Sterilization of cats and dogs and veterinary surgery

Sterilization and veterinary surgery

Ensuring that your pet’s surgical procedure, like the sterilization of cats and dogs, is completed in a safe and stress-free environment is our team’s greatest concern. From the moment they arrive at our hospital, each patient is followed by his own team of dedicated animal health professionals. The veterinarian, your pet’s surgeon, and a team of animal health technicians follow a surgical plan that has been adapted to your pet’s particular needs, using standards that are very similar to those used currently in human hospitals. Blood tests are recommended prior to the procedure in order to detect early signs of disease that may require modifications to the surgical plan. We also recommend the administration of intravenous fluids during the procedure to decrease the risks of side effects from anesthesia. Monitors will indicate your pet’s vital signs (heart rate, breathing efficiency, blood pressure.) No aspect of your pet’s recuperation will be overlooked; she will benefit from a safe and warm environment during her recovery, as well as a customized comfort plan to alleviate any pain or discomfort. Once your pet returns home, our team will guide you to ensure your pet’s full and rapid recovery.

Laser surgery

We are proud to offer laser surgery, a new and innovative option for our patients. In many cases, laser surgery offers many advantages over traditional surgical approaches: increased precision and patient comfort, decreased bleeding, less swelling, and faster recovery. The laser can be used in almost any surgical procedure, depending on your veterinarian’s assessment.

Orthopedic procedures

Orthopedic problems (related to bones and joints) include many different types of injuries including sprains, damaged ligaments, and fractures. Orthopedic procedures like the placement of a cast, as well as knee and hip surgeries, can be performed depending on the patient’s situation. However, more severe injuries may require a referral to a large veterinary centre so that a veterinary surgical specialist can evaluate the case.