Preventative Medicine and vaccination for dogs and cats

The importance of an annual veterinary exam

Your veterinarian knows the particular details about your furry friend and will recommend the necessary care your pet needs to keep him healthy. During the annual health exam, your veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s general well-being, including your observations of his habits and routine, in order to prepare a personalized preventative health plan. An annual veterinary exam is fundamental to ensure that you and your pet enjoy many happy and enriching years together. Cats in particularly are well-known for hiding any signs of illness, and cat owners may not notice subtle signs of discomfort or small changes in their daily habits. If we consider that 1 year of life for a cat is equivalent to 7 years for a human, a cat that hasn’t visited a veterinarian in the last 3 years is like a person not seeing his doctor for over 20 years !

Vaccines for dogs and cats

Vaccination for dogs and cats allow your pet to stay healthy and free from common infectious diseases, including certain fatal diseases like rabies. Some of these diseases can be highly contagious (parvovirus in dogs, leukemia in cats), but adequate vaccination remains a very effective means of prevention. During your pet’s annual visit, your veterinarian will prepare a vaccination protocol tailor-made to meet your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Parasite prevention

The majority of cats and dogs are exposed to intestinal parasites and worms as early as birth and through nursing. For this reason, we recommend that young animals be dewormed frequently during the first few months. Afterwards, all cats and dogs should receive a preventative treatment on a regular basis. Certain medications also offer added protection against heartworm disease and common skin parasites, like fleas and ticks. Your veterinarian will help you choose the best product for your pet.

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