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Looking for a local veterinary hospital near St-Constant for your pet? Located less than 3 km from St-Constant, Hôpital Vétérinaire Roussillon offers a wide range of veterinary services for your pet’s comfort and well-being. Our team is committed to offering your companion a safe and comfortable environment. Learn more about our team and the veterinary services we offer.

Our Veterinary Services Near St-Constant

Our veterinarians offer a wide range of veterinary services for your pet. Here are some of our standard services we offer.

Vaccination and Preventative Care

Vaccination protects your pet from potentially life-threatening diseases. Your pet may be exposed to viruses outside your home. Dogs who travel with their masters must also meet international standards concerning vaccination. Don’t delay; schedule a vaccine for your dog or cat.

An annual check-up with the veterinarian will help prevent your pet’s health from being compromised. There are also products to prevent ticks.

Sterilization and Veterinary Surgery

Our team of veterinarians near St-Constant ensures that all surgical operations, including sterilization for dogs and cats, are performed safely. The veterinarians will answer your questions and administer the medications according to an approved protocol, taking the animal’s specific needs into account. The technicians will monitor the animal’s recovery when they wake up.

Make an appointment now for your dog or cat’s sterilization or veterinary surgery.

Microchips for Cats and Dogs

A microchip is a very small device, between 5.5mm and 6.6mm, similar to the size of a grain of rice. If your pet has run away or is missing, the microchip can be read by an electronic device used by shelters or humane societies. It can be used to find the owner’s contact information. Because your pet is important, schedule the implantation of a microchip for dogs and cats.

Weight Loss Management for Dogs and Cats

Excess weight can cause serious medical problems such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and diabetes. Our animal health technicians can assess your pet’s weight in order to create a nutrition and exercise plan with you.

High-Quality Products and Food for Cats and Dogs

A poor diet can be the source of many health problems for your pet. Our staff can help you figure out the ideal diet for your four-legged friend and offer you recommendations regarding pet food for your dog or cat. We’re aware that each animal has different habits and needs, many of which can be improved by a quality diet.

Online Vet Store

Are you looking for treats, toys, food, or accessories for your pet? Don’t forget to visit our online vet store on our website. More than 2500 products for all tastes are available there. We even provide home pet food delivery at your desired frequency.

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Introducing the Team


veterinary hospital st-constant

Dr Véronique Dubois

Dr Dubois grew up in Abitibi. After receiving her degree from the Université de Montréal, she joined the team at the clinic.

Over the years, she has developed a great bond with pets. Her favourite dogs are golden retrievers, but she is fond of all types of dogs and cats. She can be seen here with her cat Leila.

veterinary hospital st-constant

Dr Geneviève Blanchette

Dr Blanchette has worked at our clinic since receiving her degree from the Université de Montréal in 2009. Her passion for her profession and her dynamism make her a veterinarian on the lookout for new methods to provide care to animals. In this photo, she is accompanied by her cat Fouine.

veterinary hospital st-constant

Dr Lovie Gauthier-Poulin

After receiving her degree in 2009, Dr Gauthier-Poulin practiced for 6 years in Estrie. She then joined our clinic in 2015. She is perfectly bilingual and knows how to guide you in the decisions to be made regarding your pet.

She particularly likes musculoskeletal problems and medicine. Her favourite dogs are large breed dogs.

veterinary hospital st-constant

Dr Marie-Ève Fortin

Dr Fortin received her degree from Université de Montréal in 2016. She has since joined our clinic. Despite her interest in music, she chose to devote herself to her new profession.

Marie-Ève is passionate about shelter medicine, behaviour, and preventive medicine. She can be seen here with her cat Charlot.

veterinary hospital st-constant

Dr Richard Houle

Originally from Victoriaville, Dr Houle completed a technical diploma in animal health before completing a doctorate in veterinary medicine at the Université de Montréal in 2016. He then joined our clinic in January 2017. He has a passion for dentistry and preventive medicine. In the photo, he is accompanied by his cat Guillaume.